About Us

BreoLife is a lifestyle brand based around making your life healthier, your home more comfortable, and your office more productive.

We develop and market products that fit into your active home and work lifestyle. For instance, we designed a one-of-a-kind weekly planner dry erase board. You may think, oh I have seen those before. But we gave ours a magnetic back, and then created an adhesive metallic base to go with it. This means our dry erase board can stick directly to steel surfaces, such as refrigerators, or to any other clean and smooth surface via our adhesive base. We love products that are both useful and full of character.

Our brand is composed of two words “Breo”, which is a homonym of the word brio, meaning active, and “Life”. Our company and our products reflect this ethos – every product we carry helps you carry out your life with more vigor, strength, and beauty. We hope you enjoy our BreoLife products, and have as much passion using them as we did developing them.

We wish you a BreoLife.